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I have a website that I'm working on - I've been staging it while I was waiting to get the server access from the client.

Now we've gotten server access and they are using Amazon Web Services -Ubuntu. I am very new to this AWS service - but my issue is that my thumbnails are no longer working when I do a search

This is what I want, and had on the staging server, displaying 'feature image' thumbnails in search results

this is on the AWS server, no thumbnails.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be happening? Do I have to contact AWS to set something differently? Can I set it myself?

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your img tags don't have a value in the src attribute

<img src="" class="post-thumb" alt="this is a post" width="186" height="186">
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...But it should be there - it should display just like the staged site. I've gotten some updated information - I've been told to add a GD image library on the new server, but I'm not sure where to add that. So I'm looking into that –  Niki Feb 19 '13 at 18:52

I encountered the same problem. It looks like the thumbnail files aren't created (filename-[dimension].jpg) You should install php-gd to solve this sudo yum install php-gd

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I am a true novice at using the terminal, I put in > ssh & ##.###.###.### (IP) it gave me >> Permission denied (publickey). there is a privacy key that I have been given - can anyone walk me through the process just a bit? –  Niki Feb 28 '13 at 21:18
This worked for me on the AWS Amazon Linux AMI. (php53-gd or php5-gd as mentioned elsewhere weren't found in the repos.) Installing php-gd and restarting httpd did the trick for me. See posts.phillipcalvin.com/post/271771136/…;. Will only work for new images unless you use a regenerate thumbnails plugin. –  tobek May 18 at 21:34

The latest version of Wordpress requires PHP 5.2 or higher. So you will need to install the latest version of php53-gd:

sudo yum install php53-gd
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