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I creating heavy script which analize and store the data and I'm really need to know which lines of my code consuming most of the time. Is Rubymine have profiler features or maybe it possible to add profiler to it somehow?

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I was looking for it also, but without success. If you find something, please let me know.

Meanwhile... In Ruby itself there are two modules which could help you


You do something like this

require 'benchmark'

n = 50000 do |x|"for:")   { for i in 1..n; a = "1"; end }"times:") { n.times do   ; a = "1"; end }"upto:")  { 1.upto(n) do ; a = "1"; end }

and it will give you nice table of profiling results

             user     system      total        real
for:     1.050000   0.000000   1.050000 (  0.503462)
times:   1.533333   0.016667   1.550000 (  0.735473)
upto:    1.500000   0.016667   1.516667 (  0.711239)


Easiest way to use this module is just require 'profile' and after your script finish it blow out data about each call.

Check this example

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