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I have map that is not showing and a div height value showing to null when I'm showing a view using kendo mobile . I want to run a function when a view load complete to show map and calculate a div height can anybody help thank you in advance.

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I'm stuck in a similar problem, I need to accomplish the same without using data attributes –  Thilak Rao Mar 21 at 12:31
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Use the show event of the mobile view . show event is fired when the view becomes visible.

<div data-role="view" data-show="showMap">

function showMap() {
///code to display map when view becomes visible
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Isn't there a way to accomplish this without data-attributes? I'm working on an app which has atleast 40 different views and changing the markup is a messy business, considering we might add new views every now and then. I want to listen to this event for every view. –  Thilak Rao Mar 21 at 12:30
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