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I would like to call VLC from the command line (bash) through another computer's http request. In this case one computer will act as a server and will call different options to VLC based upon the http params it receives and the other computer will simply act as a client as it sends different http requests to the server with VLC on it.

This can be asked as a general question. Accept and http request on a server and subsequently call a CLI on bash.

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The simplest way of doing is this is to set up a CGI script on Apache or any other web server, and use GET requests.

If something tries to fetch http://yourhost/cgi-bin/yourscript?doStuff, your script will be invoked, and $QUERY_STRING will contain doStuff:

echo "Content-type: text/plain"

if [[ $QUERY_STRING == doStuff ]]
    yourcommand --here
    echo "Thanks, your stuff is done. "
    echo "Unknown stuff to do. Here are my variables:"

Just be aware of which user your HTTP server runs your script as.

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