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I'm using AwesomeWM vicious datewidget. I'm trying to output the date and time in wibox, in my rc.lua, with this format Feb 17, 12:10 AM (%b %d, %l:%M:%p) but I want the AM(%p) to be lowercase.

I've tried: vicious.register(datewidget,, "<span font-family='terminus' color='#999999'>%b %d, %l:%M:</span> <span variant='smallcaps'%p</span>", 1) but the variant attribute doesn't seem to work.

Is there another way to do this?

my full rc.lua

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You can use string library's lower() call. "%b, %I:%M " )..string.lower("%p") )


Though it is not mentioned in Lua PiL; the strftime also has %P to format as lowercase am or pm.

The string can be: "%b, %I:%M %P" )

Codepad example.

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Oh okay, gotcha. This worked. Thanks so much! – user10850 Feb 17 '13 at 17:56

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