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How can I reply to a private message on a fan page using the Facebook Graph API in a Facebook app?

  • I am able to retrieve private Messages from a fan page
  • I am able to reply as a user using chat API (User to User only)
  • I have valid tokens
  • I have read_mailbox, read_page_mailboxes permissions, and the following permissions to the page too:


I am doing it as described here.

Some claim to have gotten around this. How have they managed this?

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The documentation you linked to answers this question quite clearly.

From the docs:

**How to Reply**

Note that a page can only reply to a user's message. It cannot initiate a private message with a user. Also, a page can respond not more than twice to a user's message before the user has replied back.

You can reply to a user's message by issuing an HTTP POST to /CONVERSATION_ID/messages with the following parameters. A conversation ID look like t_id.216477638451347.

Parameter   Description          Type   Required
message     The body of reply   string      Y
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Thanks @tommycrush, As stated by me earlier, I followed the documentation as is, still had no luck 1. Yes it is not initiated by a page but a user message Reply 2. It is the first reply to a user message 3. Yes replying to a thread like t_id.1234444444 4. not replying to a message of a thread like m_id.12323232, m_mid.123231323 1. Is there something like Whitelisting of Private Message calls 2. Do we need to register some callback or something that is not specified in the documentation –  Raj Shaker Feb 18 '13 at 22:08
Stackoverflow cannot help you further if you do not post your code. Edit your question and we can take a look. –  Tommy Crush Feb 18 '13 at 23:32

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