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Here's my code, which I got more or less this page :

public static WebSocket<String> testwebsocket() {
    return new WebSocket<String>() {

        //Called when the Websocket Handshake is done
        public void onReady(WebSocket.In<String> in, WebSocket.Out<String> out) {

            //For each event received on the socket
            in.onMessage(new Callback<String>() {
                public void invoke(String event) {

                    //Log events to the console



When I run that I get an error which says "Compilation error: cannot find symbol", which refers to the Callback. I think I need to include something, but I tried including a bunch of libraries and I'm not sure what I am missing. There is no information on the documentation page about this. I am using Play Framework 2.0.4 Java version. Please help me figure out why the Callback symbol cannot be found!

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You have to add this import:

import play.libs.F.Callback;

If you want a full example for the websockets, you can take a look under the samples/java/websocket-sample folder of your Play copy (or take a look at here).

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