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I'm piping the result of mysqldump to gzip, the speed of gzip seems to lag behind greatly

gzip: 34.9MiB 0:01:54 [ 218kiB/s] 
mysqldump:  735MiB 0:01:54 [5.73MiB/s] 

2 questions:
1. would this eventually break the pipe if gzip can't catch up? does pipe hold all these data in memory?

2. how would I speedup gzip(already know about -9 vs -1 compression options)?

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GZIP is CPU-bound. So you can lower the compression rate as you said, but you won't gain much speed. Try to poke around LZO, which is a lot faster (compression rate is not as good, but I find it to be a good trade off)

You can find a good benchmark here:

As for your first question, the OS will do the buffering for youm you don't have to worry about it. Even if your RAM isn't big enough, the buffering will write to disk but GZIP will still be slower.

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As for speeding up gzip, you could try pigz, which uses multiple processors/cores.

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