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I have a list of strings of the sort


I need to convert them into a list of tuples like this,


When I try to apply the tuple function to each element of the list, it splits the string and returns something of the sort


Is there a way to work around this issue?

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Using list comprehension, and tuple creation via the 'single item tuple creation method' or look here for information about this.

lst = ['aaa','bbb','ccc']
tpl_lst = [(i,) for i in lst]


[('aaa',), ('bbb',), ('ccc',)]
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>>> l = ['aaa', 'bbb', 'ccc']
>>> print [(i,) for i in l]
[('aaa',), ('bbb',), ('ccc',)]

All you need to do is put each element in its own one-tuple.

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Don't apply tuple function, since it takes the string as sequence, and breaks it's characters apart. You can simply build tuple manually with List Comprehensionlike this:

>>> l = ['aaa','bbb','ccc']
>>> [(elem,) for elem in l]
[('aaa',), ('bbb',), ('ccc',)]
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