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Working on an app where a User belongs_to an Organization. An Organization has_and_belongs_to_many Products, though an organizations_products table.

I want a User with a particular role to be able to manage Products for their Organization. In ability.rb:

def initialize(user)
  # ...snip unrelated stuff
  elsif user.is_manager?
    can :manage, Product, do |product|

This describes what I want to do but it raises an exception in the products controller:

def index
    @products =  Product.accessible_by(current_ability)

because acessible_by can't be used with blocks in ability definitions. How can I write this ability in a way that is compatible with accessible_by?

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can :manage, Product, user.organization.products do |product|

To clarify: CanCan added the third parameter, which you can understand as a scope to be used by accessible_by, in version 1.6. The block used for evaluating can :manage, @a_specific_product, and if you use either of these—the scope or the block—you should probably use both.

See also: this question, which is mostly a dup of this one, and the docs.

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