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I have set up Ransack as per http://railscasts.com/episodes/370-ransack?view=asciicast and it's functioning fine to search most of the columns in the Orders table using the orders#index controller.

However, it won't search orderable_type or orderable_id, the two columns that store polymorphic associations with other models. Does anyone know why, or how do get around this?


class Order < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :quantity
  belongs_to :orderable, polymorphic: true
  belongs_to :delivery
  belongs_to :requisition


  def index
    @search = Order.search(params[:q])
    @orders = @search.result


= search_form_for @search do |f|
    = f.label :orderable_type_matches, "Type"
    = f.text_field :orderable_type_matches
    = f.label :created_at_gteq, "Created between"
    = f.text_field :created_at_gteq, 'data-behaviour' => 'datepicker'
    = f.label :created_at_lteq, "and"
    = f.text_field :created_at_lteq, 'data-behaviour' => 'datepicker'
    = f.submit "Search"

And the error I receive is:

uninitialized constant Order::Orderable Extracted source (around line #13):

10: = f.text_field :location_place_matches 11: .field 12: = f.label :orderable_type_matches, "Type" 13: = f.text_field :orderable_type_matches 14: .field 15: = f.label :created_at_gteq, "Created between" 16: = f.text_field :created_at_gteq, 'data-behaviour' => 'datepicker'

For the life of me I don't understand why it's treating orderable_type differently to all the other columns - can anyone help to fix?

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I didn't really find a way to fix this, but a developer friend suggested a way I could achieve the same result which might help others. He said I should just hardcode the form field and not rely on the Ransack helpers to create the dropdown menu. So that's what I did and it works :-)

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