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I have *.oeaccount files (XML files) in many folders. I want a batch file read the text in the XML file and rename the folder that contain the file.

The xml files contain text similar to the following:

    <SMTP_Display_Name type="SZ">abc@cba.com</SMTP_Display_Name>
    <SMTP_Email_Address type="SZ">abc@cba.com</SMTP_Email_Address>
    <SMTP_Split_Messages type="DWORD">00000000</SMTP_Split_Messages>

The batch must find abc@cba.com in this line and ignore all other mail:

    <SMTP_Email_Address type="SZ">abc@cba.com</SMTP_Email_Address>

At the beginning of the line there are 4 spaces.

The batch must extract the e-mail address abc@cba.com and rename the folders, every folder as the text in the XML file.

The folders tree is like this:

  • folder / 1.oeaccount
  • folder / 2.oeaccount
  • folder / 3.oeaccount

Someone gave me this code but it doesn't work:

@echo off
pushd "YourRootLocation"
set "search=<SMTP_Email_Address .*>[^ ][^ ]*@[^ ][^ ]*\.[^ ][^ ]*</SMTP_Email_Address>"
for /f "eol=: delims=" %%A in (
  'findstr /srmbc:"%search%" file1.txt^|sort /r'
) do for /f "tokens=2 delims=<>" %%B in (
  'findstr /rbc:"%search%" "%%A"'
) do if exist "%%A" for %%F in ("%%A\..") do if "%%~fF" neq "%CD%" (
  echo ren "%%~fF" "%%B"
  ren "%%~fF" "%%B"
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If I understand you correctly you want to rename the parent folder of each *.oeaccount file to the e-mail address found in that file. For that something like this should work:

for /r "C:\root\folder" %%f in (*.oeaccount) do (
  for /f "delims=<> tokens=3" %%a in (
    'findstr "<SMTP_Email_Address" "%%~ff"'
  ) do (
    ren "%%~dpf" "%%~a"

However, beware that, although it should work in this particular case, line-oriented processing of XML files (which is what findstr does) usually is not a good idea, because

<SMTP_Email_Address type="SZ">abc@cba.com</SMTP_Email_Address>

is just as valid XML as


so re-wrapping of lines may foil your search patterns.

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thank you alot for your Effort but this not work, thank you for your explain –  Hauari Feb 17 '13 at 16:18
I just noticed a mistake in the ren command. It's supposed to be %%~dpf not %~ff. Please try again. –  Ansgar Wiechers Feb 17 '13 at 17:24
@ Ansgar Wiechers - thank you - this is the msg i get for error after change the batch C:\Users\MailN\Desktop\New folder>for in (*.oeaccount) do (for /F "delims=<> dress" "%~dpf"') do (ren "%~dpf" "%~a" C:\Users\MailN\Desktop\New folder>(for <SMTP_Email_Address" "C:\Users\me\D C:\Users\me\Desktop\New folder\2 ra C:\Users\me\Desktop\New folder>pause Press any key to continue . . . –  Hauari Feb 18 '13 at 8:01
@Hauari That's unreadable. Please update your question with the code you're currently using and the error message it generates. –  Ansgar Wiechers Feb 18 '13 at 10:36
can any one help me about this –  Hauari Mar 13 at 9:21

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