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I have a python library which depends on a DLL. For better deploying I'd like to write a setup.py for easily installing via python setup.py install. The mentioned DLL needs to be inside the python root directory, for example C:\Python32\. Is this possible using setuptools?

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Why the Python root directory? I'm pretty sure that's not the right place. :-) –  Lennart Regebro Feb 17 '13 at 10:56
The developer of the DLL said it should be there. If I put it there manually the python lib works. Where should I put the DLL else? –  Razer Feb 17 '13 at 10:59
Depends on what DLL it is, and other things. Putting it there will work, sure, but that's awfully messy. But I'll leave this to Windows experts. –  Lennart Regebro Feb 17 '13 at 11:09

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