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I'm writing a C++ program that should check Driver Device ID.

My input is the driver name as it should appear in the Device Manager.

I tried to Google, and I figured that:

However, I couldn't find any examples or code snippets for how to actually do it, and how those two functions connect?

I have no experience in drivers, sample code will be very appreciated...

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Look for the WDK samples. They are freely available online from MS.

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On windows there are no device ids (as name =) ). Device matches by hardware id and compatible ids. From this ids system generate instance id - uniquely identifies the device on specific port on bus. You can get hardware/compatible id without sending IRPs, by using IoGetDeviceProperty function (, it`s more easy than roll up your own IRP.

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my bad, i forgot about this small detail, but this is instance specific id. And second : i not understand that you wish to enumerate devices from usermode programm. You need to use SetupApi for this, start from SetupDiGetClassDevs (…), SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo, etc – izlesa Feb 19 '13 at 11:40

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