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I want to popup a dialog box and after 5 seconds, I want the page to redirects to google.com . Therefore, I need to have a delay function but settimeout() doesnt work. here is the code. How can I delay 5 seconds before redirect... By the way, I am using someone's javascript code to display which works perfectly.

<a href="javascript:showDialog('Error','You have encountered a critical error.','error',10);setTimeout(window.location.href ='http://google.com', 5000);">Error</a>
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setTimeout works, it's just not used correctly. Try something like this:


function clickHandle() {
   showDialog('Error','You have encountered a critical error.','error',10);
   setTimeout(function () {
      window.location.href ='http://google.com';
   }, 5000);


<a href="clickHandle()">Error</a>

The first argument of setTimeout is code to be executed (for example string to be evaluated) but better practice is to avoid eval and use a callback instead (like in my example).

It's not so good idea to put your click handler directly in the HTML. I suggest you to use onclick for example.

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You have to place your redirect in a function

    window.location.href ='http://google.com';
}, 5000);
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