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I'd like to be able to get at the user when I'm mapping a request to an object using Play Forms. To make things more fiddly, I'm also using the SecureSocial framework, so request.user is a securesocial.core.SocialUser.

The code below is problematic because the mapped doc object is an immutable case class so I can't reassign lender. I'd prefer to keep the immutability if possible.

I'm a Scala noob so not sure how to proceed.

def create = SecuredAction() { implicit request =>
        errors => {
        doc => AsyncResult {
            // TODO: set the lender without mutating a val
            doc.lender = models.User.fromSocialUser(request.user)

            collection.insert(doc.copy()).map(_ => Ok)

Would appreciate your help.


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you could so something like:

doc => AsyncResult {
     val toInsert = doc.copy(lender = models.User.fromSecureUser(request.user))
     collection.insert(toInsert).map(_ => Ok)
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Thanks for your help. Didn't realise you could do that –  Chris Beach Feb 25 '13 at 17:33

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