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I've written a function to calculate the MLE estimates of a Generalised Pareto Distribution. When I use it with any data though I'm getting errors like this

1: In log(beta * ksi) : NaNs produced
2: In nlm(loglik, theta, stepmax = 5000, iterlim = 1000) :
  NA/Inf replaced by maximum positive value

I was wondering if anyone could spot any mistakes with my code?

    xi0 <- 1
    beta0 <- 360
    theta <- c(xi0, beta0)
    excess <- data
    assign("tmp", excess)
    loglik <- function(theta){
        ksi <- theta[1]
        beta <- theta[2]
        y <- ((tmp - 0.1)/beta)
        f <- ((1/ksi)+1)*sum(log(1+y)) + length(tmp) * log(beta*ksi)
    fit <- nlm(loglik, theta, stepmax = 5000, iterlim= 1000)
    par.ests <- fit$x

#Checking our MLE algorithm works:

rgpd<-function(n,ksi, beta){
    10000+beta*(((1-runif(n, min=0, max=1))^-ksi)-1)

rgpd1 <- rgpd(100, 1, 2.5)



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Umm, first thing that jumps out at me as soon as I look at it -- how do you get to the second return? –  Glen_b Feb 17 '13 at 12:00
Sorry the last 2 lines weren't supposed to be there. It shouldn't effect it anyway. –  Ruth O'Brien Feb 17 '13 at 12:04
Have a look at what you're assigning to tmp or excess. e.g. head(excess) ... then look at what is in data the same way. Check it's all what it should be. Maybe try the debugging tools. –  Glen_b Feb 17 '13 at 12:05

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