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Starting with this example, I would like to do something very similar but being able to use negative values for variables in the code, for example;

menMeans   = (-20, 35, -30, 35, -27)
womenMeans = (25, -32, 34, -20, 25)

, although this has nothing to do with the men/women meaning. But when I do this, I can not see anything related with negative values in the plot. I also change Y scale;


but nothing. Any hints?

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I see the negative values there just fine, making the same changes you have .. – wim Feb 17 '13 at 12:06
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I change the y axis scale by the following command:


which will set the y axis scale from -81 to 81

for the x scale axis that would be

plt.xlim([ xmin,xmax])
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in the gallery example you find this line of code:, womenMeans, width, color='y',bottom=menMeans, yerr=menStd)

the value for the bottom can be chosen negative so that the bar starts from somewhere negative and is womenMeans long.

a yellow bar from -200 to 20 at x=5 with width = 10

would be:, 220,10, color='y',bottom=-200)

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