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I have a problem with passing data to Slim templates. I have the following working code (using information from this SO thread):

l = Slim::Template.new { @layout } # How to pass data here?

_p = Slim::Template.new { @post_text }.render(Object.new, :post => post)
# Here passing data (post) works fine     -----------------^

out = l.render{ _p }

What I have in templates:


    title =my_title # < I cannot pass any parameters to this file


-unless post.nil?
  h1 =post[:title]
  h2 No posts

My question is how to pass parameters to layout template in my case?

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so it is not possible to call the last render wir options? like l.render(Object.new, :my_title => 'bla') { _p } –  phoet Feb 17 '13 at 18:28

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phoet should have written his comment as an answer because it helped:

l.render(Object.new, :my_title => 'bla') { _p }
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