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I'm creating my own Text Field using Flash Text Engine (and not using Text Layout Framework). Everything is going fine, I already know how to create TextLines, reuse them, find atom on active position and draw a text cursor. A problem I'm having currently is proper text Input.

What I'm doing now is listening to KeyDown event, and checking if the key isn't special - I just have a huge else-if ladder canceling out all keys listed in Keyboard class:

else if ( e.keyCode == Keyboard.ALTERNATE ) { }
else if ( e.keyCode == Keyboard.AUDIO ) { }
else if ( e.keyCode == Keyboard.BACK ) { }
else if ( e.keyCode == Keyboard.BLUE ) { }

This seems a bad solution, and indeed, it yields two problems.

First problem is, not all special keys have it's constant in Keyboard class, for example key code 12 (you get this key code after pressing Numpad 5 when numlock is disabled). It could be fixed by turning a blacklist into whitelist, but I don't know if I wouldn't block some good keys on not standard keyboards.

Second problem is, I get only key codes, and not the characters a user wants to type. For example in polish keyboard pressing [ALT] + [n] should insert polish letter ń. Looks like I'm supposed to take care of inserting right localized characters by myself, but I'm not aware of any Class that would help me with that, like at least tell me what keyboard a user is using.

I wonder how does it look in TextField - is there this class source somewhere? How about TLF - I couldn't find there the code responsible for keyboard input (except special keys and key combinations in EditManager and SelectionManager classes.

Currently the only way I can think of and I'm going to use is having a focused TextField, overlayed by my text field and listening to keyDown or change event to see how the TextField changed and update my component accordingly. Is there a way to create a text input supporting all languages (at least all written from left to right) without using TextField class or TLF ?

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Maybe you can explain a bit about why you need to do this. If what you need is just a pretty general text input field, there is no need for you to for example filter out Keyboard.AUDIO in your code, the system will take care of that for you. –  Lars Blåsjö Feb 17 '13 at 13:08
@LarsBlåsjö I am creating my own Text field, because I need to use FTE features. I decided not to use FTL, because it has many bugs, and it's very slow even without workarounds to these bugs. Also, as I see, the system filters out some keys (all non-standard functional keys on my keyboard), but some get to flash player (obviously some should, like CONTROL or ESCAPE keys). This is not the main problem, though, as inability to support keyboard layouts different than English is a much bigger issue. –  Markus von Broady Feb 17 '13 at 13:19

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