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I have a matrix which shows me the posiions of a knight in a knights tour. I'm looking to find a way of firstly finding the numbers in order and outputting their positions e.g. on a smaller board X

X=[1 3; 4 2]


A=[1 2 3 4]

b= [1 1; 2 4; 1 2; 1 3] 

Something like this where b is the position of the values of A in the matrix

the only way I can think about doing this is using a series function of find (n) where n=1..64 and then concatenating results

I then want to use this information to create a plot of the moves with a line/vector plot but am having difficulty in working out how to do this also.

Thanks, Tessa

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You can use find to identify the visited board coordinates, followed by sorting them according to the order of the moves.

%# find the visited coordinates

%# find out how to reorder the positions so that
%# the moves are in the right order
[~,sortIdx] = sort(moveNumber);

%# plot the moves
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Have a look at this answer to find out how to make a chess board for the background. – Jonas Feb 17 '13 at 14:10
thats awesome! I shall do some fiddling with this now but its great to get a perfect basis. Thankyou very much! – Tessa Danger Bamkin Feb 17 '13 at 14:23

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