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I'm inheriting some code from a third-party system. The vendor will supply me with their documentation, but if their language is some variant of a more general language then it would be useful to know. A couple of snippets are below:

 for var i = 0 to short_q.getSize()-1 

 Number trd_qty_short := trd_qty_short1 + trd_qty_short2;
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other than the for without parenthesis and the assignment in declaration :=, there is nothing very defining about this code. Do you have more? –  Nannuo Lei Feb 17 '13 at 14:23
Some more snips: Vector<Number> short_p = new Vector<Number>(); while exec_iter.hasElem() { var currentExec = exec_iter.getElemMoveNext(); –  endian Feb 17 '13 at 14:33

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You can try SourceClassifier:

Source classifier identifies programming language using a Bayesian classifier trained on a corpus generated from the Computer Language Benchmarks Game . It is written in Ruby and availabe as a gem. To train the classifier to identify new languages download the sources from github.

Out of the box SourceClassifier recognises Css, C, Java, Javascript, Perl, Php, Python and Ruby.

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