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I have a kernel listener bound to a kernel.request event, which can throw a PHP \RuntimeException in certain cases. Whereas in dev env Symfony catches the exception and shows me the Twig error page for 'Fatal error', in prod env I just keep getting an empty page. This is a 200 OK HTTP response, but it has no content.

What I'd like to achieve is showing a customised error page - i.e. 'Wrong application configuration', which will actually be of any use for the end user trying to reach the page. This is a fatal error, but - well - it can eventually happen.

I tried catching it in my exception listener which gets executed on kernel.exception event, but it seems not to be catching a 'fatal error' exception.

Here's what I've tried so far

  • kernel.exception event listener
  • throwing a 'normal' \Exception (thought that maybe that's the case). Seems that an exception thrown from within a listener does not fire the kernel.exception event as well...

Any suggestions?

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OK, I seem to have found the answer.

The problem was the order of services' definitions. When you tag a service to bind one of its methods to a kernel.exception event, it needs to be - of course - declared in your services' config before you throw an exception in any other listener. Or any other place, as a matter of fact.

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