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How do I only replace the first occurrence of a "substring" (actually Data.Text.Text) in a Text value in Haskell in the most efficient way?

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Make sure that you don't want to keep calling this iteratively as it's really not the best way to incrementally replace occurrences of text in a string. If you do a lot of it, look into a Rope datastructure or something else clever. –  copumpkin Feb 17 '13 at 15:07

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You can breakOn the substring,

breakOn :: Text -> Text -> (Text, Text)

to split the Text into two parts at the first occurrence of the pattern, then replace the substring at the start of the second component:

replaceOne :: Text -> Text -> Text -> Text
replaceOne pattern substitution text
  | T.null back = text    -- pattern doesn't occur
  | otherwise = T.concat [front, substitution, T.drop (T.length pattern) back] 
      (front, back) = breakOn pattern text
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