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I want send my location GPS data from my android phone to a cakePHP website. I navigated my sql and I found the POINT type that can be used to store location information. But I don't know how to insert those information using cakePHP style code. I want to be able to get locations near me later in the future. So my questions are:

1 - does cakePHP has any support for storing GPS data and ready functions to get nearby locations given longitude and latitude object.

2 - If not, how to insert the received longitude and latitude into my model in cakePHP and what is the best data type for that as I will query nearby locations after this.

Thanks in advance.

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To store a coordinate as pair of (latitude, longitude) you can store it either as

float latitude,
float longitude

or as

double latitdue,
double longitude

(This has no advantage to float, on disk, but in code is more compatible)

Or you even can store it as integer

   int latitude = (int) round(latDegrees * 1E7);
   int longitude = (int) round(lonDegrees * 1E7);

So you can also store it to any Point structre which has (x,y)
Use x for longitude, and y for latitude.

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I found a solution as follow:

To insert data into model in cakePHP given a constructed array we use this :

$db = $this->Service->getDataSource();  
$serv = array(
                'loc_point' => $db->expression('POINT('.$dataJson['long'].','.$dataJson['lat'].')')

This line was my problem in cakePHP: 'loc_point' => $db->expression('POINT('.$data['lng'].','.$data['lat'].')')

After solving the insertion problem I found a tutorial from google getting the nearby location. It uses lng and lat as decimal values, I changed my code to follow it. Link here

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