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hello I developped a search form with php,which is working perfectly,but I would like to filter for example alphabetically,so I defined some anchors in my html document A| B | ....

In my php document,I added:

        $search=$_POST['query']//query is the name of input in a form,on the same html doc

from my sql query,

        $sql=SELECT Title FROM table where Title LIKE %search%;

I added :

             $sql .="AND Name LIKE '$letter' ";

My problem is that when I click for example on the link "A" it always display all entry corresponding of all titles having names beginning of letter"A".(my Table has 2 columns,Title and Name) So I would like when I do a search to filter the results(getting when I click on "A" titles for which names begin by "A" and only those returned on the result of the search)

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You can't submit a form and click a link at the same time –  Explosion Pills Feb 17 '13 at 15:03

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I hope you have a space before the AND; but you need to wildcard the LIKE

$sql .=" AND Name LIKE '$letter%' ";
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