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I recently posted a question in which the code did not work, and was suggested i add apostrophes to my $_POST variables.

I was using


People (?) Recommend

$_POST['variable'] Recommends


What do you use, and why?
What differences arise when using one of the others?

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There is no substantial difference between using " and '. Array keys can be either integers or strings. Strings are quoted in PHP. Not using quotes in this case works, but PHP checks if the key is a constant first, then falling back on interpreting it as a string. Not quoting array keys is discouraged in the PHP documentation.

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The first method will throw a Notice:

[18-Feb-2013 02:46:06] PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant variable - assumed 'variable' in /Users/Aram/Development/Web/test.php on line 6

Also, you can't have hyphens, as it will treat them separately.

[18-Feb-2013 02:46:56] PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant variable - assumed 'variable' in /Users/Aram/Development/Web/test.php on line 6
[18-Feb-2013 02:46:56] PHP Notice:  Use of undefined constant name - assumed 'name' in /Users/Aram/Development/Web/test.php on line 6

Use single quotes, since it's simpler than double quotes and doesn't require the use of the shift key.

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It is not about $_POST variables.
It is about strings. Strings as array keys to be strict.

You have strings as array keys here - so, you have to format them as strings.
To format strings, you can use whatever quotes, no difference.

variable without quotes is actually a constant.

The only case where you have to omit quotes is a double-quoted string:

echo "Hello $_GET[name], howdy?";
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Use $_POST[variable] if variable is the name of a Constant, or a variable: $var.

Use $_POST["variable"] or $_POST['variable'] ifvariable` is a string.

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