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I have User model and Speciality model. Speciality HABTM User.

Given speciality_id and array of user_id I would like to add many users to the given speciality. So far I tried:

foreach($users as $user_id) {
    $data[] = array(
        'Speciality' => array('id' => $this->Speciality->id),
        'User' => array('id' => $user_id),
if(!empty($data)) {

But it saves only ONE row in specialities_users table, not all of the associations... My goal can be achived jus with big insert into specialities_users table with (speciality_id,user_id) pairs but I want to achieve this in Cake.

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You can always creat a model for the specialties_users table (SpecialtiesUser) and insert the data using that model, although there are other options, this will probably best the most effective way if you need to insert a long list :) – thaJeztah Feb 17 '13 at 17:00
Can find more details about what @thaJeztah is talking about by looking for 'hasManyThrough' - and I agree w/ him – Dave Feb 17 '13 at 20:30

Look at my answer to this question, basically the same thing.

You have to create the array (without create it will update), check if it's already in the database -and if not, save it.

Look here:

Cakephp save Session to db after login

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