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I have a listview whose data is taken from internet. Data is a list, a long list, so I'd like to display the first, say, 10 results. If user scrolls down I'd like a progressbar to appear at bottom, while I ask for the next 10 results to server, then remove progressbar and add the new 10 items.

I see this behaviour in the facebook app, can you point me to a tutorial to do something similar?

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First, here is a tutorial for a never-ending ListView: Android tutorial: Dynamicaly load more items to the ListView ( Never Ending List! )

I've used this in my application and it works flawlessly.

Secondly, this tutorial will teach you how to grab data from the internet and display it in your ListView: Android Custom ListView with Image and Text

Combine both of them together and you get what you need [Provided you have the basic knowledge of Android programming. Goodluck ;)]

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