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I am first time trying to set cron job in my linux server. I want to set every 5 mins my file will run. For that I did the following:

1. login through cpanel
2. Click Cron Jobs under Advance option.
3. In Add New Cron Job, select every 5 minutes in Common Settings and in Command text box write down the code */5 * * * * wget http://www.forwardx.in/sri/test.php  > /dev/null 
4 Click on the Add New Cron Job button.

But I got error like "-":1:bad command errors in crontab file, can't install.

How to resolve this issue? Please help me.

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I believe if you select the timing from common settings, all you need to type in is the command

wget http://www.forwardx.in/sri/test.php.

You are typing in the timing schedule as well. Try omitting the timing part.

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Thanks a lot. Its working for me. –  Srim Feb 17 '13 at 17:19
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It might be that wget is not set in the path, so try the fullpath instead. This should probably be "/usr/bin/wget" instead of "wget"

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