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When monitoring DDE messages with DDESpy, I can capture what I am looking for, however DDESpy truncates it:

[1ff8:212781728] CB(Execute, fmt=0x0("?"), 39002100, c001("WWW_OpenURL") 0(""), 3d003b00, 0, 0)=3e004300
    Input data=
    22 00 68 00 74 00 74 00 70 00 3a 00 2f 00 2f 00    ".h.t.t.p.:././. 6e 00 65 00 77 00 73 00 2e 00 79 00 63 00 6f 00    n.e.w.s...y.c.o.

Now, this is truly annoying, because what I am really after are the parameters at the end of the input data (after the ....)

How could I get that data?

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The location of the DDEML API is important to DDE monitoring applications. DDEspy from Microsoft and our Dynamic Data Studio use the DDEML APPCLASS_MONITOR facility. Message hooks can read the memory handles of the data attached to a WM_DDE_xxx message, but for 32-bit applications the handles have no meaning in other process spaces. The 32-bit version of the DDEML API extracts and passes some data to a monitoring application, but only the first 28 bytes. There is no way to obtain more than this.

Apparently this is why I am seeing only the first 28 bytes. I guess I am out of luck.

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/rhaminisys/ddeinfo.html

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