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I'm using psi to connect to an xmpp server at I was talking, when suddenly my messages started instantly coming back from my server xmpp address. The typical exchange looks like this (this is from psi XML console):

My message:

<message type="chat" to="……" id="accfa">
<body>nie wiem</body>
<active xmlns=""/>

Server response:

<message type="chat" id="accfa" to="……" failed="1">
<body>nie wiem</body>
<active xmlns=""/>

I cannot find anything regarding this failed="1" in any XMPP specification. What's that?

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That looks indeed like a non-specified behavior. You should contact the admins of and tell them that their service is sending non-defined attributes in stanzas in error situations. – Flow Feb 17 '13 at 22:41

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