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I am creating a web app that allows users to register using their Facebook account. I am using django-facebook to do the authentication / registration of new users. I am trying what I think is the simplest setup, using django registration instead of userena. Everything works well when I use my own Facebook account: I am asked to confirm that I allow the app to have access to my profile, a new account is created in the auth_user table and I am logged in.

However, when I am logged in into Facebook as a test user, I confirm that I allow the app and then I am redirected to facebook/connect/?facebook_login=1&attempt=1&code=AQBM0-z...... The new account is not created.

Here are my relevant settings:




FACEBOOK_REGISTRATION_BACKEND ='django_facebook.registration_backends.FacebookRegistrationBackend'

AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE = 'django_facebook.FacebookProfile' 
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It seems like the whole problem is that django-facebook removes the long emails from the facebook data. This makes the auth not be able to create an account.

I just commented out the following lines in api.py

if len(user_data.get('email', '')) > 75:
    #no more fake email accounts for facebook
    del user_data['email']
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