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I was trying to compile a PL/SQL package and I got the following error:

ORA-04043: object SYS_PLSQL_77721_489_1 does not exist

After this, I can no longer recompile or drop the package.

Do you have any suggestions?

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if you have access to support, this looks like bug #3744836. A similar bug is described here, related to pipelined functions and synonyms.

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Try to do this:

DROP TYPE SYS_PLSQL_77721_489_1;

I've had exactly the same problem and works. Sorry @Vicent but the link you provide does not solve the problem.

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One confirmed cause of this problem is the use of pipelined functions with PL/SQL types. It is a bug, and so ought to fixed in more recent or fully patched versions of Oracle. A workaround would be to use SQL types instead (i.e. create type whatever as object ... ).

If this does not apply in your situation please edit your question to include more details.

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