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Hello I need help with making algorithm with the following:

Let's say a 2d domain of space with xmax, xmin, ymin, ymax, with 'n~10,000' of points in the space.

  1. Go through lists of points positions.

  2. When there is maximum no,of points (lets say 10) in the box, the box split into 4 equal smaller boxes.

  3. Then check again if the each of the smaller box has more than maximum no. of points. it will split again into 4 equal smaller boxes.... until the box has less than the maximum no.of points per box.

Any suggestions how I can make this algorithm? Please?


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What have you tried? –  Oli Charlesworth Feb 17 '13 at 18:24
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You should try to program this yourself and then ask again as soon as you run into problems.

To get you started here's an idea: create two arrays of indices that just go up from 0 to the number of points you have. Then use the x-values of the points to sort one index-array and the y-values to sort the other index-array. You can then read what you need by simply taking the n-th entry from each array and combine the x/y-maxima of the 2 points you got. (Also: To then get the next cross-point you dont need to sort again, just use the next n'th entries)

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