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I am working on a problem where I want to build a linear model using residuals of two other linear models. I have used UN3 data set to show my problem since its easy put the problem here than using my actual data set.

Here is my R code:

m1.lgFert.purban <- lm(log(Fertility) ~ Purban, data=UN3)
m2.lgPPgdp.purban <- lm(log(PPgdp) ~ Purban,  data=UN3)
m3 <- lm(residuals(m1.lgFert.purban) ~ residuals(m2.lgPPgdp.purban))

Here is the error I am getting:

> m3 <- lm(residuals(m1.lgFert.purban) ~ residuals(m2.lgPPgdp.purban))
Error in model.frame.default(formula = residuals(m1.lgFert.purban) ~ residuals(m2.lgPPgdp.purban),  : 
  variable lengths differ (found for 'residuals(m2.lgPPgdp.purban)')

I am not really understanding the why this error actually take place. If it was log related issue then I should have gotten the error when I am building first two models.

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You are possibly creating logs of negative numbers which are NaN? –  BondedDust Feb 17 '13 at 21:29

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Your default na.action is most likely na.omit (check with options("na.action")). This means that NA values get removed silently, resulting in different lengths of the residuals vectors. You probably want to use na.action="na.exclude", which pads the residuals with NAs.

#[1] "na.omit"

m1.lgFert.purban <- lm(log(Fertility) ~ Purban, data=UN3,na.action="na.exclude")
m2.lgPPgdp.purban <- lm(log(PPgdp) ~ Purban,  data=UN3,na.action="na.exclude")

m3 <- lm(residuals(m1.lgFert.purban) ~ residuals(m2.lgPPgdp.purban))
#                 (Intercept)  residuals(m2.lgPPgdp.purban)  
#                    -0.01245                      -0.18127  
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