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I just installed EasyPHP on my Win8 laptop and I cant open EasyPHP Administration.

I check some solution on net but without success. I tried to update httpd.config from to and and then nothing.

When I installed I could open local web with content of www folder.

What is the solution of this issue ? how to run administration tab in EasyPHP ?

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I had a similar issue and what you need to do is run easyPHP as an administrator. Since you are running windows 8 here is how.

Step 1: On your Tile Screen find easyPHP
Step 2: Right click on it and a menu bar will popup below.
Step 3: Select "Run as Administrator"

This should get it up, let me know if it doesn't.

Good Luck.

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have any way without Run as Administrator ? –  dakiquang Dec 27 '14 at 2:42

I had the same issue. May have something to do with IPv6 being the default on Windows 8.

In the end, I installed XAMPP instead, this appears to just work. That installation does have a minor difference in the apache .conf file: Listen 80 instead of Listen

I don't think this is the full solution for EasyPHP though, as I tried that change.

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Tried stuff above, no luck. Bottom line:

  • Could not get it work in IE10, Metro or desktop version of the browser.
  • Got to in Chrome and Firefox (This is Local Web)
  • From Local Web I can click on the home icon and get to Administration
  • Works Run as Administrator or not

I do need to add, it ain't going to win any performance issues

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