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I have followed this tutorial for grabbing TinyMCE via nuget and using it with Razor in MVC4.

All works well, but when my form loads, I need to place some default text in the TinyMCE control.

How do I do that?

The problem for me is that I am using Razor (which I normally don't do) and everything is abstracted (e.g. @Html.EditorFor(m => m.Message)). I can't see any "hooks" into TinyMCE that would let me set the content before the page renders.

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Got it sorted--You have to set the value in the controller. So if you have this in your view:

                @Html.LabelFor(m => m.Message)
                @Html.EditorFor(m => m.Message)

Then you need this in your controller:

 public ActionResult Index()
            var someValue = "foo"; //Get your data here
            var model = new CorporateAccountModel {Message = someValue};
            return View(model);

That's it. No additional coding is required in the view, which makes me a little uncomfortable but works.

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