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I think the following is a valid configuration:

    var wdiv = $("#messagewindow");
    if (!wdiv.data("kendoWindow")) {
            iframe: true,
            width: "777px",
            height: "666px",               
            title:  "foo title",           
            data: { startdate: urldate, eeid: eeid, deptid: deptid },
            url: "foo.htm",
            type: "GET"


The window opens, but there's no network activity. Foo.htm is not being requested from the server according to Fiddler.

Am I neglecting something in the configuration?

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There is not such things as url when creating.


What you look for is called content. Url is used when refresh-ing the window.

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Thank you for that clarification, Pechka. I now see that the Parameters apply to the refresh() method. –  Tim Feb 18 '13 at 12:20

The option for specifying the url is content. Documentation in here.

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Thank you for the reply, @OnaBai. I was reading the "Parameters" section of that very page you cited: Options for requesting data from the server. If omitted, the window uses the content property that was supplied when the window was created. But I see now that the Parameters apply only to refresh(). –  Tim Feb 18 '13 at 12:18

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