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What is the character or chain of characters in the code of matplotlib text field to break the line so as to avoid having too long code lines?

for example:

plt.text(0.5, 0.5,
    r'$\mathsf{sin\left(\frac{\pi}{180} f_1 \theta + \varphi_1\right) + B sin\left(\frac{\pi}{180} f_2 \theta + \varphi_2\right)}$'

using "\" to break the long line yields in printing in unformatted text.

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I usually take advantage of string literal concatenation. IOW, if you have strings right next to each other without any intervening operator then they're automatically joined:

>>> "a" + "b"
>>> "a" "b"

and so

plt.text(0.5, 0.5,
         r'$\mathsf{sin\left(\frac{\pi}{180} f_1 \theta + \varphi_1\right)'
         r'     + B sin\left(\frac{\pi}{180} f_2 \theta + \varphi_2\right)}$')

works too. (Since this is TeX I added some extra spaces to bring the two lines into alignment; if we were working with something which was more white-space sensitive that wouldn't work.)

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