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I wish to understand how the code below runs. Is aproxy inheriting from mPtr? Is struct array returning a method, aproxy, in struct aproxy?

struct aproxy {
    aproxy( int & r ) : mPtr( & r ) {}  // is this inheritance? 
    void operator = ( int n ) {
        if ( n > 1 ) {
            throw "not binary digit";
        *mPtr = n;
    int * mPtr;

struct array {      
    int mArray[10];
    aproxy operator[]( int i) {      
        return aproxy( mArray[i] );   // what does this line do?

int main() {
    try {
        array a;
        a[0] = 1;   
        a[0] = 42;      
    catch( const char * e ) {
        cout << e << endl;
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is this inheritance?

aproxy( int & r ) : mPtr( & r ) {} 

This is not inheritance, it is the initialization of data member mPtr in a constructor initialization list. You are initializing a pointer to int to point to the address of an int.

return aproxy( mArray[i] );   // what does this line do?

It creates an aproxy instance, initialized with the value of mArray[i], and returns it by value.

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No, there is no inheritance here. And you cannot "return a method"; "method" is a colloquial name for a "member function".

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