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Here is simple backround position animate. Why IE 8 on mouse away don't animate it ? Opera and Firefox don't show any action and only Chrome do it well. How to make it work at all lates version browsers ?

$(".call_order").hover(function() {
        backgroundPositionX: "-300"
    }, 100);
} , function() { 
        backgroundPositionX: "0"
    }, 100);


Here is a sample

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Firefox doesn't recognize background-position-x, only the combined background-position: xvalue yvalue. Possibly the other browsers are the same. – Blazemonger Feb 17 '13 at 19:40
Why don't you use css transform and css transition instead of using jquery? – ahmadali shafiee Feb 17 '13 at 19:42
Alexander, if the answer under was ok, please accept it. – Sergio Jul 6 '13 at 9:20

Firefox and Opera do not support backgroundPositionX and backgroundPositionY (bec. it is not in the corresponding specifications.) and IE8 seems to be buggy even with background-position.

Browser Support for backgroundPositionX and backgroundPositionY:

    Browser       Version
    Opera         Not Supported  
    Firefox       Not Supported  
    Safari        3+  
    IE            4+  
    Chrome        Yes (version unknown)  

So, I suggest you to use Brandon Aaron's jQuery plug-in to have cross-browser support for background position.

If you examine the code; it first tests for backgroundPositionX property and see if it is supported by the browser. If not; it parses out the X and Y values from the backgroundPosition property.

Note: Unlike suggested in the comments, CSS3 Transforms would not be helpful to you since you need IE8 support.

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