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I am making a racing game in unity like Temple Run where the player needs to constantly run and collect fruits/ power ups. I am using the 3rd person default construction worker to make this work. But can't figure out what to tweak in the script to make it run continuously.. Help me where exactly I need to change this.

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What do you mean by run continuously? As in, you want to do some logic repeatedly, every X milliseconds? – Warren P Feb 17 '13 at 20:07

I believe you should look in this script: Standard Assets\Character Controllers\Sources\Scripts\CharacterMotor.js.

The easy part would be to set var sprint : boolean = false; to true instead.

If you don't need the walking code, you have to clean up some more code in that script to avoid using unnessecary code lines.

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Ok first of all you need animations. Then change them to loop and call them run or turn. then for part of the script.

function Update ()
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Just have a look at similar question.

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