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I have the function generate-code that runs in a while loop in Clojure:

; ...
(with-local-vars [code nil]
    (while true
        (var-set code (generate-code @code))
        (write-to-file @code)
        (execute-code @code)))

Obviously this isn't very Clojure-esque - is there a better way to do this without introducing local variables?

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You are probably looking for let:

(let [code (generate-code)]
    (write-to-file code)
    (execute-code code))

You could also

((fn [code] 
    (write-to-file code)
    (execute-code code))

Or, if you wanted

(last ((juxt write-to-file execute-code) (generate-code)))
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Thanks for the suggestions! – sdasdadas Feb 17 '13 at 21:47

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