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Still new to Rails. I'll try to provide as much detail as possible.

I have a form that lets me update multiple records at one time.
It's based off the 'Editing Multiple Individually' Railscast episode.

<%= form_tag(auction_clerk_path(@auction), :method => :put) do %>
  <% @lots.each do |lot| %>
    <%= fields_for "lots[]", lot do |f| %>
      <%= f.number_field :sale_price %>
    <% end %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

(Simplified to just include a single input for each instance)

An Auction contains multiple Lots (items for sale).
The auction_clerk_path is the route I'm using to just show all lots on one auction.

Everything is working just fine... until I use try to customize my lot paths...

I've added the following to my lot.rb file to be able to use:
instead of /auctions/:auction_id/lots/:id

def to_param

So, in the form mentioned earlier, the fields render with name="lots[12][sale_price]" where 12 is the id.

However with the to_param change, now the fields render with name="lots[1][sale_price]" where 1 is the lot_number.

When I save, the submitted parameters are lot_numbers instead of ids.
So obviously when it tries to update, it won't find the correct records.

My method definition looks like this:

def save_clerking
  @updated_lots = Lot.update(params[:lots].keys, params[:lots].values).reject { |l| l.errors.empty? }
  if @updated_lots.empty?
    flash[:notice] = "Lots updated"
    redirect_to auction_clerk_path(@auction)
    render :action => "clerk"

I either need to change my method definition to lookup by lot number, or change the form to somehow output IDs in the first place... but I don't know how.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Fixed this through some help on another question.

I changed my method def to

@updated_lots = []
params[:lots].each do |lot_number, attributes|
  lot = Lot.where("lot_number = ? AND auction_id = ?", lot_number, params[:auction_id]).first
  if lot.update_attributes(attributes)
    @updated_lots << lot
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You could fetch the ids by lot number in the controller action and feed those to the update method instead of the params keys.

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