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I have the following scenario: My app is published with database version 4 to the customers.

I did some bugfixes and added some more features. This process also changed my models and thats why the database changed too.

How can I check what database version the customer has installed on his devices and migrate the old data to the new database? Is there an onUpgrade method or something like this in the ActiveAndroid Library?

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After taking a deeper look into ActiveAndroid's sourcecode I found a solution. ActiveAndroid can use sql-scripts located in your asset folder to migrate from one version to another.

It sorts all your sql files located in assets/migrations/ using a natural sorting algorithm:

Each SQL script which was found will be executed if its > oldVersion and <= newVersion

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A million thanks to you! I was struggling with this issue since many days. I had upgraded my database version from 1 to 3. My File (3.sql) was correct but (2.sql) had issues. I was under impression that it picks only the file corresponding to the new version. –  hannanessay May 2 at 5:11

if you access your db via SQLiteOpenHelper and do proper db versioning than you can use it's onUpgrade method to run some code to update your db. Othewise you should do your custom solution.

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I suggest that you create a class which extends SQLiteOpenHelper. When your database is opened through this class, it will automatically call the onUpgrade() method when necessary. The parameters to this method include the new and old version numbers of your database schema.

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