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I have a menu with different links to jsp's. i am sending parameters to the jsp's in the url

<li><a href="<%=GlobalData.HOME_JSP%>?p=history">History</a></li>

i also have a select where user can select a device

<select id="device_select" >
<option value='a'>a</option>
<option value='b'>b</option>

Now i am trying to send another parameter to the jsp like this

<li><a href="<%=GlobalData.HOME_JSP%>?p=history&d=">History</a></li>

The new parameter d should have the current value selected in the select box

I can do this by simply binding a click event on the li and then create the link using simple jquery script (as i can get the selected value in jquery).

is their any way to write the script inside the a tag ? -- something like :

<li><a href="<%=GlobalData.HOME_JSP%>?p=history&d=getSelectedValueUsingSomeFunction()">History</a></li>
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you will need to distinguish the values of your <option>s... how do you intend to do that? As shown, your code doesn't! – Floris Feb 17 '13 at 22:16
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You could do:

<a onclick="$(this).attr('href', '<%=GlobalData.HOME_JSP%>?p=' + $('#device_select').val());"></a>

I've written this by heart and not tested yet.

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Thanks !!! This works great – Mohammad Adil Feb 17 '13 at 22:28

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