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I am running a query and I am getting duplicated rows. I dont understand why this is. Here is my Query:

FROM   customers c,
       products p,
       sellers s,
       requests r
       AND p.ProductID = s.ProductID
       AND r.ProductID = s.ProductID
       AND r.C_ID = 3
       AND r.MatchType = 'Price'
ORDER  BY s.Price ASC 


Okay here is an edit of what the values in the Requests table looks like. NOTE: CID 2=DAZ(generally a seller), 3=Paul (Generally purchase guy) and 5= compny1 (generally a seller) NOTE: product id 1= apple, product id 2=pear, productid 3= berries, product id4=orange

The Request table looks like this after selecting records MatchType=Price and cust ID=3:

 requestid |   cid   |   productid   | Quantity | Price  | matchtype
    1          3            1            3.0     2.00        price
    3          3            4            4.0     2.50        price
    4          3            3            2.5     2.00        exact  
    5          3            2            3.0     3.50        exact
    6          3            3            3.0     2.00        exact
    7          3            1            10.0    7.00        price  

and here is the sellers table

promotionID |   cid   |   productid   | Quantity | Price | description  
    1          2            4            5.0     2.99        oranges
    2          2            3            1.5     1.00        hand strawberries        
    3          2            3            2.5     2.00        l stawberries  
    4          2            2            3.0     3.00        pear       
    5          5            1            5.0     5.00        royal apples fm appleco.         
    6          2            1            6.0     5.50          sweet apples


FName   ProductName         Description         Quantity    Price

daz         Oranges     Fresh and sweet oranges.    5.0        2.99
compny1      Apple      royal apples fm appleco.    5.0        5.00
compny1      Apple      royal apples fm appleco.    5.0      5.00
daz         Apple       sweet apples                 6.0      5.50
daz         Apple       sweet apples                 6.0      5.50

I don't get why I am recieving rows that are repeating. The requested product id must be = sellers product id to match the requested products to the available products and the customerId selected in this case is 3...

I dont get why the last 4 records repeat them self? Why may this be??
Technically speaking only 4 records should be shown. i.e. records on rows.. 1,2 and 3

SUGGESTION/OBSERVATION OKay, After having looked at this... Do you think the rows are repeated because the productID1=apple has been requested by the same customer twice with different quantities???

  requestid |   cid   |   productid   | Quantity | Price  | matchtype
    1          3            1            3.0     2.00        price

    7          3            1            10.0    7.00        price  
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Maybe those products have multiple matches in requests. – Martin Smith Feb 17 '13 at 22:27
When you do a join, each joining pair is shown, so if you joined a table with one entry to and table that had its foreign key in 10 rows then the answer would have 10 rows. – Boris the Spider Feb 17 '13 at 22:37
@MartinSmith well the request table with customer ID 3 shows requests for the following: chocolate, 2kg, 2.00 choclate, 10kg, 8.00 sweets, 3kg, 3.00 they are the products requested by user 3.... There are two suppliers who are selling choclate and sweets... 1 supplier namely compny1 sells only one product choclate.. the other supplier daz sells both. I just dont get why the last 4 rows are repeating them self? – johnny Feb 17 '13 at 22:45
@bmorris591 what can I do to not show these repeating rows? Can I use the DISTINCT somehow?> – johnny Feb 17 '13 at 22:58
I would suggest that you go to and create a schema and some sample data. And then use that to describe what kind of result you are looking for. This will make it easy for people to give you the results you are looking for. – jmoreno Feb 17 '13 at 23:19

Your need to use inner join for "filtering" the rows. try this:

select c.FName, p.ProductName, s.Description, s.Quantity, s.Price 
FROM requests r
inner join sellers s on r.ProductID = s.ProductID
inner join products p on p.ProductID=s.ProductID 
inner join customers c on c.ID=s.CID       
where r.C_ID = 3 AND r.MatchType='Price'

hope that i don't have any mistake here (its late here), but its the main idea. for columns that exist in two tables and you wish to use the for filtering use inner join, for filtering from one table use the were clause .. (that the theory on one leg) ...

--- edit ----

this query can show the diffidence between the requests ...

select c.FName, p.ProductName, s.Description, s.Quantity, s.Price, r.demandid as 'Request ID'
FROM requests r
inner join sellers s on r.ProductID = s.ProductID
inner join products p on p.ProductID=s.ProductID 
inner join customers c on c.ID=s.CID       
where r.C_ID = 3 AND r.MatchType='Price'
ORDER BY r.demandid s.Price ASC
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This seems to return the same result as mines:( the 2 records are still repeating:( – johnny Feb 17 '13 at 22:55
First you can add distinct after the select, but it wont "solve" the problem entirely .. its just a work around .. what are you trying to ask in that query ? – Evyatar Nezer Feb 17 '13 at 23:03
wow yes that is a work around... Okay the whole aim of me asking this is because I have a small problem. If it is okay for you I have asked the question in more detail here: link and also here [link]… You may read the first link and then the second one if you wish. I am so stuck with this problem spent 2 days on it and I cant figure it out at all:( – johnny Feb 17 '13 at 23:09
I am going to go sleep now (head and eyes kill lol!) but if you could provide any help I would be truly grateful. – johnny Feb 17 '13 at 23:18
I've read the problem you introduced .. its not exactly small, but first thing first .. I think the positioning of the joins need to be changed. i'm going to change the query again but i'll change the order of the inner joins ... so the filtering order would be different, check it in the morning .. good night. – Evyatar Nezer Feb 17 '13 at 23:28
select c.FName, p.Name, s.Description, s.Quantity, s.Price 
FROM customers c
left join sellers s on c.ID = s.cid
left join requests r on r.ProductID = s.ProductID
left join products p on p.productid = s.productid
where r.C_ID = 1
AND r.MatchType='Price'

I setup a fiddle for it SQL Fiddle and threw some dummy data in. The code works if I set the data up correctly.

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Thanks for your reply. I have tried this and still the rows are repeating. I have edited the question showing what my tables look like. If that helps explain why? – johnny Feb 18 '13 at 17:31
as I said to previous commenter for the answer.. okay so I think my edit explains why the row was repeating its because that same customer has request the product twice with different quantities. So, inevitabilty it will match it one time for the first request(1) and again for second time (requestid=7)... Is there a way however, if the customer does place a order twice then it only displays the matches once? I guess I would have to use distinct right? – johnny Feb 18 '13 at 20:39
My question is why would you want to hide an active order by a customer? There should be some key constraints or code in the application that prevents duplicate entries. Remember, your database relies on these kinds of checks and balances for data integrity. Without them your db will be bloated with garbage data and you'll never know which one is the actual request and which is not. – Just Aguy Feb 19 '13 at 2:34
Yes I do agree with you entirely. I realised what the issue was. You are right in the sence, that I need to put a check so that the same customer is not entering the EXACT same amounts and quantites twice. In theory I am not hiding it but I saw what my fault was. It was because if the same customer has requested say apples, then it would show the same supplier twice once for the apple requested the first time and then again for the second request made. Hence, the rows were repeating. I now have my next problem to tackle. – johnny Feb 19 '13 at 14:17
If you wish I would be highly grateful if you could take a look at link as this is my main problem I am dealing with. If you look at post number5 which is made by me. Like I said any help or advice provided would be of great help. – johnny Feb 19 '13 at 14:20

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