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my laptopb is samsung notebook np300e5x

cpu : core i3 main memory : 4G hard drive : 500GB; GPU : Nivida GT 620M

i bought that laptop and it was fine, high capapility and high performace, i'm installed windows 8 and no problem at all everything was fine, until i tried to install ubuntu 12.04 from usb drive.

when i tried to install ubuntu, at the begining the ubuntu alert error message such as Hardware error, and the computer restarted after 30 seconds

i tried again and the same problem happened to me , the ubuntu failed to start the installation every time. and the same reason "Hardware Error"

after 3 attempts to install it, i shut the computer down and have a rest.

after that i tried to turn the computer on and the disaster happend. the computer doesn't show anything just black screen, the only light is for the power.

please i need help, my laptop is new but without any warrantly. i tried to change the rom chips but didnt work.

plesae help, i will appreciate every comment and advice.

"sorry about my english, i hope you understand me very well".

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I can confirm the Same issue here on a new bought Toshiba-Notebook C850-1QL. There I cannot boot LinuxMInt 15 Olivia with UEFI enabled. Then it does not recognize the DVD-drive and does even not boot from DVD, even if you set this in the BIOS.

It acts like as if it does not recognize the DVD-drive and it does not boot up the install-media at all.

So I had to manually deactivate Secure-boot and UEFI-Boootmode in BIOS, to get the installation-media booting and installing as it should.

And another Warning here says, that also Lenovo and Toshiba are hit by this problem:

So this suggests, that this is not a Samsungs driver-issue but a UEFI-issue. I imagine, that UEFI prevents Linux from booting.

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First a warning: Don't try to boot Linux on Samasung laptop in UEFI mode!!!

Was your laptop configured to boot in UEFI mode? If so it could be that you are out of luck. There is a bug in Samsungs UEFI implementation that can make your laptop unbootable. This bug is triggeredd by booting linux in UEFI mode. AFAIK there's no other option than returning your laptop to Samsung for repair to get it working again. Read all about it here.

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