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I have this situation, I changed in auth.php the 'username' from username to emailso I have

'username' => 'email'

I don't have any username column anymore, but when trying to login, eloquent yell about undefined index : username :

.../laravel/auth/drivers/eloquent.php on line 39

Thanks for your help

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Silly me, Since we specify the column which will act as username for eloquent, The input array need to have a username value.

So in the login method I changed the userdata :

before :

$userdata = array(
            'email'     => Input::get('email'),
            'password'      => Input::get('password'),

after :

$userdata = array(
            'username'      => Input::get('email'),
            'password'      => Input::get('password'),
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Are those two code blocks identical? – Mere Development Mar 14 '13 at 0:44
My bad, Sorry! the first array has 'email' key which is the eloquent 'username' so this key has to be 'username' and eloquent will match it with the email column in the database. – cyberhicham Mar 14 '13 at 8:22

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